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The cloud vs Some Cloud- Challenges in Sri Lanka


After engineering for Sri Lankan local markets for last decade Surreytech has observed its market growth. One of our biggest challenges was to educate the audience who need the transfer of knowledge and take educated decisions.

Why Cloud Strategy

There are number of greater benefits of having a Cloud infrastructure.
1) Lower investment and controlled costing for the need ( CapEx vs OpEx)
2) Shorter time to deploy and implement
4) Complete automation and monitoring
5) Granted SLA up to 99.99999999999 service uptime ( Ref AWS)
6) Ability to make changes or adopt at a faster rate
7) Cloud security which is already with preventive and detective product to support and implement standards ( ISO27001,NIST,CIS,SABSA,CREST(UK),CBEST(UK),NCSC(UK)
8) High availability, fault tolerant, Elasticity, Redundancy is in scope by default.
10) Faster time to live with Cloud automation (Terraform, Ansible, packer, Docker, kubernatis)

Challenges in Adopting Cloud

We have already encountered tag lines of sales "We have our own Cloud", "Use our Cloud" In Sri Lanka segments of the industry are adamant that they stand for the best in bread technology. Fairly said than done, when you sleep walk, in an industry which really need technology transformation to match world stage. It’s clear without number of years experience in world stage you always sell second quality ideas. , We need confident leadership in these technology organizations who has done this before than selling tag line with out details
Here are some of fundamental issues we faced.

•    Lack of knowledge on cloud concepts and benefits  vs trade offs
•    Lack of Cloud Adaptation experience to exposure
•    Lack of understanding on Security capability and implementations in cloud.
•    Evidence on no or little experience in Cloud architecture and Security architecture
•    Lack of the focus on RTO, RPO, disaster recovery, High availability on cloud.

Let’s be clear we cannot expect the businesses or clients or the government shall not be expected to know the technical and IT terms. But the community who support government and business IT should be well aware of their lack of knowledge and the gap of nearly 10 years compared with world IT stage. This write up should be a constructive eye opener for Sri Lanka to adopt sensibility and  have a tag line more sensible such as  ~education, educatioin education~

Surreytech Cloud expertise

As British consultancy we have solved problems and assisted customers especially in UK government about going cloud, cloud first or zero trust design for cloud in both Cloudy and IT security.
It is important as a provider we have a complete spectrum of cloud capability, cloud maturity, and cloud enablement expertise with in our teams.

Cloud Myths

As a business leader you may have so many questions about the cloud. Killing those scare stories is what we do best
1)    Cloud is secure/ not secure – Security is a responsibility of the implementer and all users and it is not down to cloud alone.
2)    “We have our own cloud” – This is a Sri Lankan marketing tag line. In this occasion you have to ask the right questions such as  are you using a public cloud or private  cloud, what security approaches  do you have in place. How often you assess threats and  vulnerabilities, What is  your  Disaster recovery model RPO, RTO
3)    Our Cloud is scalable – No cloud is scalable by default. You have to use the product capabilities to do that. For example on Christmas days you are getting 90% increase of your traffic, you don’t have the choice of stop the server and upgrade. It should be automatically scaled up based on demand and scale down when not.
4)    Another major myth is around cloud automation. Today’s world most demanding systems runs on cloud , which means using automation tools you can build a server, configure and launch on demand. If your cloud is not capable of doing this, then you are not taking the best of a cloud and  literally bound to pay .

Cloud Cost Vs Benefit

One of the key element of the decision to invest on cloud is the nature of your solution. You may have to answer few questions such as RPO and RTO. SaaS vs PaaS. What is the business impact look like in case of a failure?
It is worth noting Cloud in not a cheap option, it may be a cheap option against
How Surreytech Cloud engagement works
We work on following areas for customers
1)    Cloud adaptation and Cloud Migration for your businesses
2)    Building mission critical always available cloud solutions
3)    Security and Risk on Cloud and Security  strategy
4)    Cloud data handling and storages
5)    Cloud maturity models and picking the right SaaS,PaaS or IaaS



Our recent engagement with Sri Lanka Government is a classic evidence of our technical teams spanning up the technology for the need of the country with a financially viable model

We work on major public clouds

1)    Amazon AWS Cloud Platform
2)    Google Cloud Platform ( GCP)
3)    Microsoft Azure Cloud
4)    Digital Ocean

Please to us on your  cloud strategy.