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Architecture and Engineering direction from Surreytech

As a consultancy we look at improving business and processes. These all process improvement are subject to current process and future process and how technology can evolve in this.

We thrive the consulting backed by business achitecture, solution and technology acihecture.

Surreytech helping with Strategy

What is the Operating Model?

I will also describe how an organisation can really reap the benefits of a successful business transformation programme, or project, that is designed to deliver a TOM.

What is the Operating Model?

The operating model mustn’t be confused with the business model, even though this is often the case in many organisations.

The business model delves into an organisation’s customers and product offerings (or value propositions) and how to effectively commercialise the business. Its focus is on how to bring about profit through revenue streams from product offerings, while looking at some of the activities and resources that are required to deliver the product offerings, and service customers. The ‘Business Model Canvas’ by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur is a great tool. It helps organisations big and small to evaluate if they have the right business model and pivot (if needed), especially when conditions change in the ecosystem surrounding the enterprise. At a high level, and with a 10,000 foot view from management, it describes WHAT an enterprise must do and WHAT it must change.

Identifying Business & Processes
Identifying Business & Processes

Surreytech could help you identify your organisational processes and help yu define the process, improve process. Surreytech follow TOGAF framework, use the practical measures to design the process from exisitng process to to be process architectures.

Process Modeling
Process Modeling

Once identified, Surreytech uses . vial artegfacts and standard toling to model the process as a part of . defiing curent pocess and architecture. This will confirm the current process , help executives to understand current process and required changes.

Applying technology to business
Applying technology to business

Businesses are driven by competitions tough market conditions and demands. We provide soluton whch include achitecture for

  • Automations
  • Workflows
  • Digital Front ends
  • System Integation tools
  • Cloud technologies
Enabling technology for Business Processes
Enabling technology for Business Processes

not only work with business elements, sureytech woj wotj othe part of the capability

  • Business Architectue
  • Infomation System Achitecture
  • Technology Architecture

Each of these aspects help you to shape the business capability by using technology innovations.

Our Business reference models

We Surreytech has worked wth many domains and has expereince in operatins and operating models. We use this expereince to ensure clients visions are realised and succeeded colaborating with the client and defining success via journies.