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Company Overview

  • Data volume, velocity
    Customer 360
    Predicative and Prescriptive Analytics

Software Development

Surreytech has been developing software for multiple industies and multiple continents.We have got experience and skills to provide development support ( Offshore and near shore) for you needs.

We operate as a consultancy, as such we take a requirements, ask all questions, propose a solution imply the correct technology, build the systems and test. Once deployed we provide onging support, house keeping and regular training to end uses.

Software that build future

What are Surreytech Capabilities

Surreytech work in mutiple dimentiosn. This compise of multiple technologies. In the era of data being the drriving force we use our software sevices people and organisations.


Typical Standard Software Sevelopment
Typical Standard Software Sevelopment

Sueytech offers, development sevice on Microsoft, Opensource Java, LAMP, and bigdata technologies

Data Engineering
Data Engineering

Moden age data is pocessed in tera bytes to peta bytes. Technologies used ae Spark, Python, Kafka,Java and Scala.

Data Science and Machine Learning
Data Science and Machine Learning

Our Data expeeince is one of the leading in Europe. Sitting with in ethical boundies and pocessign the big . data usng ou data science and mathematic expets is ou lifeline of data science sevices.

  • Hadoop
  • IBM Watson
  • H2O
  • Google TensorFlow
API and Integation
API and Integation

Welcome to the wld of cnnectedness. We connect all businesses, pocesses and tools using state of art technology

  • API Architectue
  • Messaging Middleware
  • SOA and Microservices

Each of these aspects help you to shape the business capability by using technology innovations.

Facial Recognition & AI in Sri Lankan Government Offices

We Surreytech has worked with number of Si Lankan provincial oganisations to use facial ID for employee to recongnize as a part of attendence system. This would replace old passion thumb print recgnition system.