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Target Operating Model

  • Data volume, velocity
    Customer 360
    Predicative and Prescriptive Analytics

Surreytech Consulting

Surreytech consultign has been opering in London , UK since 2007. Since origination we enagged with various clientale in the UK mainly, and  Europe and America.

Surreytech Sri Lanka

Our  budding team since 2007 has been developing for the European market since 2007. Web technology, System integration, Digital transformation, Search and strategy was under taken on behalf of clirnts since  tttha period till date.


Current Service offering include

  1. Digital strategy & Transformation
  2. Business design and stratregy
  3. System integration and transformation
  4. Digital Automation and web design
  5. Security and assutance
  6. Cloud adoptation
  7. Software developments
  8. App developments
API Management and Microservices

Modern digital transformation success lies on key technologies such as API and Microservices. Any project of IT modernation and transform is very successful usign such technology.

Define your customer-specific API first journey, develop framework for legacy modernization and 

configure API policies and proxy eith world leadign API tools.

Event-Driven Processing and Light Weight Messaging

Messages has evolved got nearly 30 years and now messages and event driven tecnology connect systems, process and businesses.

Design a successful digital transformation strategy by implementing a scalable & distributed architecture, with advanced messaging protocol for reliability and scalability.

Cloud Integration

Cloud is there to stay, 4G to 5G. intelligent devices and mobile computing are powered by integration anfd cloud.

Choose the right iPaaS product, recommend / accelerate migration from on-premise to Cloud, and reduce the need to build specialized skills.

Surreytech Consulting UK

Surreytech UK, since it's inception solving problems as a consultancy with their clients. This includes consulting for UK government agencies and departments, UK financial service, Energy and Utility and National Defence.


Surreytech contributed to UK government digital program with strategy and implementation of number of key systems including

  • HM Passport office
  • DVLA Driving license agency
  • NHS National Health Service
  • UK Digital Identity Program
  • Local Government authorities
  • Payment Gateway service for government organisations



Integration Platform as a Service iPaaS
Integration Platform as a Service iPaaS

Enterprise application integration is evolving rapidly to align with the organisation’s digital transformation strategy. As part of digital transformation, organizations are looking forward for futuristic, agile, flexible and cost-effective solutions. This will help them to prepare for future, reduce time-to-market & capital expenditure. An integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), using cloud and hybrid cloud architecture, offers cost benefits, flexibility and agility, and hence, can be the most suitable choice of integration means in the digital transformation journey. Market analysts expect that iPaaS segment's Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to be 20% plus through 2020, making it one of the fastest-growing subcategories in the application infrastructure and middleware market.

Data & Content Management
Data & Content Management

We design and implement solutions and processes to best support how our clients manage data of increasing volume, velocity and variety. We have helped many of the world’s leading organisations design, develop, and execute effective enterprise data management solutions for “structured data” to support business transformations, achieve regulatory compliance, and enable key business processes.

In addition, organisations have a veritable library of information in the form of “unstructured data” residing in numerous documents, systems, the intranet, Internet, and more. Our enterprise content management practice helps you optimise and find new ways to create, manage, distribute, and leverage this data. We assist with document management, knowledge management, case management, intranet and Internet, scanning and archiving, workflow, invoice processing, and integration of digital documents in existing applications such as ERP and CRM.

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Information delivery and process automation
Information delivery and process automation

How information is delivered to the intended audience plays a large part in how and when it is used. As data volumes get bigger, computers get faster, and analysis gets more complex, we help and enable employees, partners, and suppliers to collaborate better, work more efficiently, and ultimately make better business decisions through powerful, user-driven enterprise tools. We have the requisite expertise to acquire and cleanse structured and unstructured data in batch, real time and near real time velocity from an array of internal and external sources.

Cutting-edge technologies utilising data stores and repositories enable us to aggregate, enrich, process and efficiently supply clean data for analytical workloads unconstrained by structure. We leverage data discovery and event processing engines to detect patterns that represent business opportunities for analytics from traditional structured data and data streams such as weblogs and sensors. These tools enable the delivery of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical insights as reports, ad-hoc queries, dashboards for operational and management reporting at enterprise scale, making complex information and data sets understandable through rich visual formats that are insightful and actionable.


Advance Analytics
Advance Analytics

The power of data is in its interpretation. We work with organisations across a wide range of industries, in critical parts of their business, to empower data through analytics. Analytics is about applying machine learning, predictive modelling, statistics, and advanced visualisation to data sets with techniques such as predictive modelling, machine learning, pattern recognition and text mining in order to gain actionable insights. Analytics supports decision making in the business domains of customer, supply chain, finance, workforce, and risk.

Taxonomy & Text Analytics in AI
Taxonomy & Text Analytics in AI


The McKinsey overview does a nice job of summarizing and simplifying the complex world of machine learning and deep learning. However, one of the underlying, unstated assumptions is a clean and relevant data set. While images can be difficult to parse, textual language in all of its variants and inherent complexity causes many more challenges.

Machine learning has to parse text and recognize the individual words and phrases within sentences to make sense of the text. While it is a relatively basic process to tokenize text and break it up into words and parts of speech, semantic understanding of the words and how they relate to each other is far more difficult.

For supervised learning, a clean, relevant, and accurately tagged data set is required for training. Using small, user-tagged content which has consistent metadata applied is a basic necessity for supervised learning. Taxonomies with preferred and non-preferred terms and relationships between concepts can act as the foundation for consistent tagging of this content. Once the supervised learning model has been trained to recognize the desired output, new content can be parsed and categorized.

Likewise, text analytics processes can turn un- and semi-structured text into data which is more useful for machine and deep learning algorithms to process.

The road to artificial intelligence includes human input in the form of provided consistency and semantics in taxonomy and text analytics solutions. When a particular viewpoint is assigned to words and text examples, this viewpoint can be recognized and expanded upon by machine and deep learning models.

Artificial Intelligence - Produced by the Royal Society

Brian Edward Cox is physicist who serves as professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester. He is best known to the public as the presenter of science programmes, especially the Wonders of... series and for popular science books, such as Why Does E=mc²? and The Quantum Universe. He has been the author or co-author of over 950 scientific publications. Recorded: February 2017