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Government Digital Systems

  • UK Driving & Vehicle Registration Agency
    Online Platform for Driving Licenses,
    Tax and Vehicle Registration
  • DS Information
    Management Platform
    Galle four Gavets and Dickwella DS
    ( No 1 DS in Sri Lanka for productivity)
    Designed implemented by Surreytech Sri Lanka
  • 3rd Sept 2018
    Surreytech Strategy for local government, Sri Lanka
    Surreytech came up with
    One ID from UK Experience
    Barcoded and smart identity

Sri Lanka Government Digital Platforms

Surreytech has been involved in number of local government projects in Sri Lanka. They are of the nature of productivity and digital enablement of traditional public services.

Surreytech stated working with Dickwella DS information platfrom in 2017, and our controbution help them to be the no one in productivity category. The same system was further improved and . now rolled out in Galle. Some of the most suphisticated capabilities are introduced in the version 2.0.


Surreytech Collaboration with Sri Lankan Local Government

Where did we start?

Surreytech first engaged with digital system for Dickwella DS, Southern province in 2017. It was a challenging work with the Dickwella team and we have developmed

DS Information Platform v1.0 and v2.0

Dickwella DS, a beautiful southern provicen town, appoach our late COO asking for assiatnce. It was a lengthy and painfull project now after three years we have a mature product.

DS Information Platform - What does it Do

DS infomation platfom s a digital opeations and productivity platform. It supports in opeations by

  • Staff and establishment related digital system
  • Public services offerings using a digital system
  • Management and business infomation reporting ( 330 reports)


Scope of DS Information Management Platform

Scope of DS Information Management Platform

Scope of DS Information Management Platform

Scope of DS Information Management Platform

Following are a list of list of featurres on DS Infomation Platform V 1.0

Key features of DS Information Management Platform

  • Staff infomation management
  • Customer Case handling system
  • Support all departments except current systems provided by ICTA
  • Attendence management system
  • Feedback Management System
  • TXT Short messaging system
  •  Queue Management fo managing public waiting and queues
  • Pocess auditing system ( Sevce and peational business intelligence)
  • Exceptions and KPI report
  • Managament System reporitng for leadership and government ministy.


Connected systems of databases
Connected systems of databases

Surreytech implementation of the DS infomation platform was based on the API driven technology. Which is build once use any where solution compose of establishment and business functional units.

Some of the organisatiosn wee keen to have a list of databases. They failed to see the collabeation cannot happen when systems and pocesses are sepeated.

The product we have has an admin section, establishment and various business and functional units.

Why browser based solutions
Why browser based solutions

All offices has not a single fom of infastuctue, such the system is completely bowse based and cloud hosted.

By design we manage

  • users and seperate admin
  • Access contol and usage
  • Infomation security and encryption
  • Disaster recovey
  • High avialability
Critical System Thinking in a Government Operation
Critical System Thinking in a Government Operation

One thing we realised with enagaing Sri Lankan Givenment Offices is lack off vision and literacy.

  • We want a database for "a purpose"
  • Neve talk about centalising
  • Lack of vision in value proposition
  • Lack of clrity how to impove a process
Information Security in Modern Digital Government
Information Security in Modern Digital Government

Si Lanka govenment stategic partner ICTA was a challenging proposition in collaberating. Day one issues of firewall rules took more than 6 months to find a solution. There was lack of suppot and lack of understanding whch made the whole engagement a real challenge.

Simple fundamentals such as "access based on legitimate business need" was never a reason for acceptance with some officals. But with innovation and addtional cost, Surreytech delivered a system. Our most supportive staff at Dickwella helped us the way they could to make this effort all worth while.

Working wth different teams make us realize we need to support thse organisations and communities not only officially but also to build the bdhges and improve trust.

Our Business reference models

We Surreytech has worked wth many domains and has expereince in operatins and operating models. We use this expereince to ensure clients visions are realised and succeeded colaborating with the client and defining success via journies.