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Public Queue Management - Sri Lanka Local Government

We developed a Queue Management System platform in DS System. It is designed to efficiently handle and manage customer requests services from the DS Office. There are several reasons that we decide to introduce a Queue Management System in the DS.

Without Queue Management  System

•    Clients have to wait more time in the queue to get their services
•    Client have wait standing in long queues with more difficulties
•    Staff is in the busy and stressful working environment. It causes to reduce   staff satisfying their job 
•    DS Customer service get less efficiency and effectively 
•    Customer complaints are increasing about ds services
•    There is no way to the divisional secretary to manage the queue and view customer service details

We provide a token to the client when they register at the reception. Then he or she can bring that token to relevant department counter.

The benefit of Queue Management System

Stop long queue 

DS queue management stops long queue. Because DS office can manage counters if the queue is high. If there is a long queue, then they can create another counter and assign an officer to provide service for customer .Then automatically eliminates long lines in the queue.


Reduce wait time 

There is a queue almost everywhere. This applies for current DS offices. Because there is no queue management system, the Client has to wait time in the queue to get service. But if there is queue management, then reduce time to wait at the queue. A queue management system helps you eliminate long waits. The client has a token and waits comfortably instead of standing in long queues still her or token call.
 Also, divisional secretary or any admin in the DS office can create counter by following live statistics on the counters. Then assign more staff to a particular service. This helps in bringing down waiting times of customer.

Manage queue

If there is no queue management system, then the client has to wait in slow-moving lines with no real idea of when the wait might be over. In DS office side you when queues are not poorly organized and confusing, DS staff have to spend a large portion of their time dealing with traffic management. 
But in a queue management system, the client with token and wait for their turn. They can view the current ongoing token on the big screen in every department. Then automatically manage the working of the queue. 

Increase in Staff Satisfaction

If the staff is unhappy, you get less productivity. So, staff satisfaction has positive it helps to increase productivity.
By using DS system can stop a big queue in each department. Also, customer can view all ongoing token numbers for each department each counter on the big screen. Then there are no need customers jumping over each other to get to the counter. Customer can wait for the still token call. Therefore the staff is in a quiet and relaxed working environment. It helps staff to, focus on customer matters and do their job with satisfying customer needs. This makes pleasure working environment for staff with success minds. 

Customer complaints become less 

A queue management system help to save time. Then wait times feel shorter and it helps customers to use their time in a more efficient way, Also within a day, if customer service couldn’t complete, then customers of can know their status of services by SMS or email, Provides better service to the customer. With these facilities of QMS, customer satisfaction is high and then less complaint.

Better Communication with customer

These are one of the great benefits of QMS. It creates continue communication with the customer. Our system has the facility to communication capabilities between DS staff and your customers. They can via text, email, if customer service is not complete with a day then he or she can get, status updates.


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